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5 Stars for Three Made In Heaven: I enjoy when an author takes a chance and this story is definitely not your usual romance. A strong friendship, an open and honest relationship, and intense sexual attraction make for a great read. Reviewed by Lial, The Romance Reviews.

5 Stars for Three Made In Heaven: Clever, clever, clever!  This book was…well, clever.  I loved it.  In my pursuit of the unique, I stumbled upon “Three Made In Heaven”, and I am so glad.  I got the perfect mix of the slightly paranormal with a sweet and extremely hot love story between three people who were made for each other. --Cocktails and Books.

5 Stars for Ocean's Three: I highly recommend the series to those who love the romance genre and are looking for something a little different from the norm-- Reviewed by Lial, The Romance Reviews.

5 Stars for Ocean's Three: I wasn’t sure going into this what I was going to think with the whole paranormal bent to it, but after reading it, I think it’s enhanced my enjoyment of the book. Elena Kincaid is a fabulous writer, and it’s no surprise that she seamlessly blended reality with the paranormal to make a very entertaining story-- KnottyGirl Reviews.

5 Stars for Owned By The Alpha: "Love anthologies? Read this! Love shifters? Read this! Love romance or drama or action....Basically, read Owned by the Alpha!" —TBR Pile Reviews.

5 Stars for Owned By The Alpha: To say that Evernight has a plethora of talent in their stables is an understatement at best, just the talent in the 12 author anthology I read alone proves it.--KnottyGirl Reviews.

"Owned by the Alpha: manlove Edition is highly recommended!" —TBR Pile Reviews

Owned By The Alpha: ManLove edition: An amazing collection of stories  [5 Star Review] Posted by Evanlea's Bookshelf on 5th May 2017
An amazing collection of M/M romance that anyone who enjoys the genre would enjoy. I'm definitely going to search for more by these authors.

​Catching Faete: Knotty Girl Reviews  [5 Star Review] The fantastic writing trio of Maia Dylan, Sarah Marsh, and Elena Kincaid have blended this into a seamless, wonderful story of parents who want to keep their children and worry about whether or not if they can truly care for them. Alone, these ladies are all incredible in their own right, but together? Simply a powerhouse!

​The Beast In A Suit: The TBR Pile: Bella Star: The chemistry between Emeline and Adam is so damn sexy! It’s such a, well, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions and events. I really couldn’t put this book down!

Chasing Faete: 5 Star Review: This has all the ingredients for a great story: fae, shifters, chemistry, well-drawn up characters, drama, grief, war, and scintillating scenes. I am looking forward to reading other stories in this series as they come out. - Gabrielle Sally, The Romance Reviews.

Bound To Their Faete: It is a fast-paced story with hot scenes between the mates and some humor too. They really bond as they work together to take on dangerous enemies. It leaves you eager to read the third book in the series.--Lial, The Romance Reviews.

​The Romance Reviews  [5 Star Review]: Posted by Merissa on 20th Mar 2017
BOUND TO THEIR FAETE is the third book in the Beyond The Veil series, written by the triad of Elena Kincaid, Maia Dylan, and Sarah Marsh. Each of these authors by themselves are absolutely brilliant, and highly recommended by me. Put them together and you have a story that is equally packed with action - whether it is fighting or smexy times!

Bound To Their Faete: The Power of Three!  [5 Star Review]Posted by kdawnms on 29th Jan 2017
WOW! this was an amazing story and I am so excited there is more to come! I cannot wait to see what happens next.

The Romance Reviews  [5 Star Review] Posted by Lial on 7th May 2017

This third book in the Beyond the Veil series continues to deliver a great menage romance with plenty of action... I really like that you get strong female characters in all the books that are willing to stand up and take on any danger to them or their mates... The authors do a great job of developing the characters and each narrate part of the story so you really get a chance to know and understand them. I recommend this series to readers who enjoy a well-written menage romance and paranormal storylines.

Alpha Blood: Holy Hotness!!  [5 Star Review] Posted by Avril S. on 9th Sep 2015
One of the BEST sort stories I have ever read. Fast paced, engaging and sexy read! The characters were extremely well fleshed out for such a short read. The drama was intense and the sex was SUPER HOT! Great job Elena!

Alpha Blood: HOT  [5 Star Review] Posted by Rhonda on 19th Sep 2015
Loved, loved this book. It was short , sexy and hot!!!

Alpha Blood: Wish I could re-read it like it was the first time! <3  [5 Star Review] Posted by Stephanie on 10th Sep 2015
Oh my goodness!! I absolutely love this book! ...A lot of authors have a hard time writing love scenes with three people, but Elena did a FANTASTIC job! Totally worth it!

Alpha Blood: Watch out for some of those intense thrilling moment I cant give anything away but it will for sure have your heart pumping, and leave you wanting more.
All I need now is two of these sexy shifters for my own …. pretty please Elena. --Heidi, Cariad Books

I'm a huge fan of Elena Kincaid. "Three Made in Heaven" is a great example of why. It's a fun and sexy paranormal ménage.--SandieBuck- Night Owl Reviews. Top Pick. 

Elena Kincaid did a fabulous job of keeping the reader engaged in the story! Very highly recommend this book!!--In Fair Brighton--Rhonda.

In Fair Brighton is a well written tale of mafia war, family and an undying love that will change everything. I enjoyed this story and recommend you grab your copy!--Tracie Runge.

A sweet and sexy love story! This is the start of something magnificent. --Knotty Girl Sandie​.

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