When Daphne Quinn’s parents were murdered two years ago, all she wanted was justice… or revenge; whichever came first. She had even closed herself off from the one man she truly desired. When she finally realized what Dante meant to her and how deep her feelings ran for him, she worried it was too little, too late.

Dante Pascal had a job to do, one that prevented him from pursuing Daphne, the woman he had wanted since the day he laid eyes on her. With pressure coming down on him from all sides, he finds himself unable to prevent her kidnapping. What’s a guy to do when the only possible lead he has is locked away tightly in a holding cell? Get himself pinched, of course.Held for ransom, Daphne’s kidnapping could finally ignite the fire that starts a war between two rival wolf packs. It’s a race against the clock for Dante to save the woman that he loves. Will he be able to find her before they kill her, or will time finally run out on him?

The secret is out! The Tempted & Tantalizing Author Event is returning this October 2021 and it's going to be Bigger, Better & Badder than ever before, with not one--but TWO Exclusive anthologies!

Me and my partner, C.D. Gorri, are bringing you TWO Steamy romances! Her story, Cuff-Linked, centers around a cop, and mine, Down In Flames tells the story of the bad boy! Click here to get C.D. Gorri's side of the story. https://www.cdgorri.com/books/cuff-linked

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Check out the blurbs to both Limited Edition Print ONLY anthologies exclusive to TNTNYC21


Join the Tempted and Tantalizing authors for another arrestingly sexy romance anthology, full of scorching hot good guys in search of more than just their next perp.

This signed paperback collection is exclusive to #TNTNYC21 and is guaranteed to detain your heart and make you sweat with nine enticing heroes living and working on the right side of the law.

Each sizzling story in this collection is the companion to an adventure featured in the Pinched Anthology. But unlike the brooding bad boys, these hunky heroes will leave you wanting more than just a warning to obey. Don't miss your chance to own them all in this Tempted and Tantalizing set.

Includes stories from: Janine Infante Bosco, Aubree Valentine, Sam J D Hunt, Darlene Tallman, Kristine Allen, April Canavan, Cyndi Faria, C.D. Gorri, and Nicole Garcia.

Pinched Blurb:

Everyone knows bad boys do it better, and now they're doing it at #TNTNYC21 in this exclusive paperback anthology you can't get anywhere else!

There's nothing sexier than a daring and dangerous outlaw, and these totally fine fugitives are taking matters into their own hands and stopping at nothing to leave you breathless and yearning.

Each steamy story in Pinched is the companion to an adventure from the Cuffed Anthology. But unlike the cool cops, these lawless leading men are going to steal your heart with no questions asked. Don't miss your chance to own them all in this Tempted and Tantalizing Set.

Includes stories from: Gwyn McNamee, Elizabeth Knox, Rae B. Lake, Liberty Parker, M. Merin, Casey Hagen, Khloe Wren, Elena Kincaid, and Nicole Banks.


Down In Flames (A Down In Flames Tale Book 1)